Britney Spears fan rushes stage, singer fears he has a gun

Britney Spears feared that a man who stormed her performance might have a gun.

The popstar is seen on stage being corralled away by security on Wednesday night, while other members of the venue’s security team and her backup dancers attempted to restrain a man who rushed the stage, fan obtained video shows.

Spears, at first, did not realize what was going on behind her, even asking the crowd: “You guys having fun?”

Man runs on stage during Britney Spears' performance in Las Vegas on August 9, 2017.

Man runs on stage during Britney Spears’ performance in Las Vegas on August 9, 2017.

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Her tone quickly changes when she is approached by security and starts to ask questions like , “Is something okay?” and “What’s going on?” before stuttering nervously and saying, “he has a gun?” as her knees buckle in fear.

Britney Spears will end her Las Vegas residency in December

It was not determined that the man had a gun and audience members cheered as multiple dancers, along with security, dragged the unidentified man off the stage.

He did not reach the singer. Spears, 35, later returned to the stage to finish out the show.

The “Lucky” singer’s Vegas residency “Piece of Me” first kicked off in Dec. 2013 and is scheduled to run through this December.

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