Brewers shortstop Orlando Arcia helps himself to fan’s ice cream

Don’t mind if I do.

That was Brewers shortstop Orlando Arcia’s philosophy as he tracked a foul ball into the stands Saturday, making sure he didn’t come away empty-handed during his trip into foul territory.

During Marlins shortstop J.T. Riddle at-bat in the fourth inning, a pop-up along the left field side sent Arcia after a baseball that ended up in the seats.

But Arcia wasn’t there for the baseball – he wanted a snack.

An unsuspecting fan was holding a helmet bowl full of ice cream, and clearly Arcia figured he might as well have a taste while the fan’s back was turned watching the foul ball.

The fan smiled and laughed after he turned around to see Arcia swiping a bite of his ice cream, with the shortstop keeping a straight face throughout the humorous interaction. But that fan will surely keep a closer eye on his ice cream next time.

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