Bodybuilder Rich Piana dead at 46

Bodybuilder Rich Piana died on Friday after weeks spent in a coma. He was 46.

The bodybuilding champion was placed in a medically induced coma for nearly three weeks after he collapsed while getting a haircut in early August, TMZ reported.

Piana collapsed in his Florida apartment — which was filled with more than 20 bottles of steroids — on Aug. 7 while getting a haircut. His girlfriend, Chanel, attempted to revive him and when unsuccessful, he was rushed to a nearby hospital, according to the gossip site.

He died at the hospital on Friday, the District Six Medical Examiner confirmed.

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His cause of death is still under investigation.

In addition to the steroids found in his apartment, there was also a white powder, according to TMZ.

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Professional bobybuilder Rich Piana patricipates in a Q&A on May 12 in Birmingham, England.

(Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images for The Vladar Comp)

He had previously admitted to doing steroids for more than 30 years in a YouTube post back in 2014 where he explained the costs and effectiveness of the drug.

“If you want to become a professional bodybuilder, guess what — you’re probably going to have to f—in’ do ’em,” he said in the video. “You’re not going to have a choice.”

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It is unclear if drugs played a role in this death.

In the video, he did promote the possibility of staying natural, but said it is pretty much impossible to compete without body enhancing drugs.

“There’s no reason to do steroids, you’re only hurting your body, you’re hurting yourself,” he says.

Rich Piana (pictured here in 2016) died on Friday at age 46.

Rich Piana (pictured here in 2016) died on Friday at age 46.

(Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

Piana got interested in weightlifting at age 11 and entered his first competition at age 15, according to Deadspin.

He was widely recognized on Instagram — having raked in more than 1 million followers and promoting his “bigger by the day” challenge focused on his personal workout routine. He also faced considerable backlash for promoting the use of steroids.

In recent years, he no longer competed in bodybuilding competitions, but stayed devoted to building up his online presence and brand.

Piana’s death comes just days after bodybuilder Dallas McCarver died at age 26 after reportedly choking on food.

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