Blac Chyna seeking restraining orders against Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna has hired a high-powered lawyer to pursue a restraining order against a “violent” Rob Kardashian after he repeatedly published nude photos of the reality star in a shocking and possibly criminal act of revenge for her allegedly cheating on him.

The lawyer, Lisa Bloom said Friday that she’s notified Kardashian that she and Chyna will appear in court on Monday to request a domestic violence restraining order against him.

“I’m very proud to represent her, and we are ready to fight for her rights in court to protect her as a woman and as a mother against Rob Kardashian’s vicious cyberbullying of her and his acts of revenge porn,” Bloom told the Daily News.

The allegations Monday go beyond cyber-terror. In court papers, Chyna said “Rob has been violent with me in the past and I am afraid to be around him.”

Rob Kardashian posts naked photos of Blac Chyna during meltdown

Kardashian “pushed me to the ground by aggressively shoving me” during a dispute on April 17, 2017, Chyna said in court papers.

Bloom added that she’ll ask for the appropriate measures to protect Chyna and Kardashian’s infant daughter, Dream, but would not specify whether she wants the restraining order to cover the child.

That latest twist in the Rob and Chyna love story comes after Kardashian, 30, began an astounding social media meltdown on Wednesday, posting three naked images of Chyna to both Instagram and Twitter and claiming she had cheated on him.

He also charged that he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on jewelry and body surgeries for Chyna while accusing her of consuming drugs and alcohol while under the same roof as their daughter.

Rob Kardashian cuts off Blac Chyna after revenge porn tirade

The nude images were repeatedly taken down by Instagram during the tirade, but Kardashian continued to re-upload them. When his account was blocked after several hours, he moved over to Twitter and shared the images again.

Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom

(Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The nude photos were removed from Twitter, but Kardashian’s account was not deactivated.

“Just sad. Loved Chyna as my wife and accepted all the wrong she did and continued to ride for her and remain Loyal to her. Never did I cheat,” Kardashian tweeted Wednesday. “But she couldn’t remain loyal and cheated and f–ked way too many people and she got caught and now this is all happening and it’s sad.”

California law defines revenge porn as an image of an “intimate body part of another identifiable person, or an image of that person engaged in sexual intercourse, sodomy, oral copulation or masturbation” that is released without the victim’s consent … with an intent to inflict emotional distress.”

Blac Chyna’s other man fires back after Rob Kardashian’s tirade

Bloom — who recently represented actress Mischa Barton in a revenge porn case — told the Daily News earlier this week that she believed Kardashian had violated California’s revenge porn laws when he released the nude images.

“The criminal penalty is up to six months in jail,” Bloom said Wednesday, before she was hired to represent Chyna. “If she sued him for money damages, the amount she received would depend on the emotional distress she suffered. Given that he has a large social media following, if the jury was sympathetic to her, she could recover millions.”

Kardashian and Chyna began dating in January, 2016, and were engaged three months later. But the status of their relationship became less clear after Dream was born in November. In April, E! News reported that Chyna had returned her engagement ring to Kardashian.

Bloom has also represented Kathy Griffin amid the “beheaded Trump” backlash.

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