Azealia Banks starts anger management in assault case plea deal

Azealia Banks is doing at least one thing right — she’s complying with the terms of the deal in her club bouncer breast-biting case, she told a judge on Friday.

The rowdy “212” rapper — who was sued on Tuesday for failing to pay $ 130,000 in credit card bills — began her 12-week anger management program and has been seeing personal therapists as per court orders.

She even earned points for honesty with Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Ann Scherzer.

“I didn’t do 12!” she piped up as the judge on first glance misread the report, believing Banks had finished the program when really she had only begun it.

“You’re in the program and very honest which I appreciate,” Scherzer said.

Banks, while humble in the courtroom, could not contain her notorious attitude outside.

Covering her face with a pink handkerchief, she flashed a small group of photographers the middle finger and called one a “f——” as she arrived for the brief appearance.

Banks pleaded guilty in March to third-degree assault in connection to her December 2015 arrest for chomping on the boob of a female Up&Down security guard after she was booted out of the Chelsea hot spot.

If she completes the treatment plan and stays out of trouble for a year her conviction will be reduced to a disorderly conduct.

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