‘AGT’ airs audition of late contestant Brandon Rogers

“America’s Got Talent” paid tribute to one of its contestants less than a month after his tragic death.

Brandon Rogers, 29, died in a car accident just before his audition on the reality singing series was set to air, leading his family to request the show play it in his honor on Tuesday.

“At the request of his family we would like to honor his memory by sharing his audition with you,” the show said in a statement before airing the segment.

The singer performed “Ribbon in The Sky” by Stevie Wonder and received a yes from each of the judges.

Driver in crash that killed ‘AGT’ star was reportedly asleep

Brandon Rogers, a former America's Got Talent contestant , was killed in a car crash on June 13, 2017.

Brandon Rogers, a former America’s Got Talent contestant , was killed in a car crash on June 13, 2017.


Rogers had recently become a doctor, practicing family medicine, and told the audience he had put his dreams of singing on hold in order to help people.

“I feel like I’m in a field where I’m actually making a difference, and there can be some tough days too,” he said. “My way to cope with the stress has always been music. If I could find a way to combine being a doctor and medicine with music and singing that would be a dream come true.”

On June 10, Rogers was involved in a crash in Maryland and died the following day.

It was later discovered that the driver of the car Rogers was riding in had fallen asleep, TMZ reported.

The singer/doctor rose to fame after posting a cover of the Boyz II Men hit “On Bended Knee” to his Instagram page. He was later invited to join the band on stage and sang along to their hit “I’ll Make Love to You.”

Rogers called the experience “a dream come true.”

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