Aaron Carter breaks down in tears during performance at gay club

Aaron Carter’s first performance since getting candid about his sexuality brought a wave of emotion over the singer.

Carter, 29, thanked the crowd at a sold-out show at Hamburger Mary’s in Brandon, Fla., for the love and support he’s received from the LGBTQ community since coming out as bisexual before pointing out which men in the audience he found “gorgeous.”

He started to break down after the song, seeking a hug from a pal on stage, according to video posted on TMZ.

“I just want to say thank you for believing in me again guys,” he told the crowd. “Even if you don’t, I still love you,” he added, wiping away tears.

Aaron Carter reveals he finds both men and women attractive

The pop star then went to play a song called “Hard to Love” about his ex-girlfriend Madison Parker, who he claimed did not understand his sexuality, TMZ reports.

“Bye Felicia,” he shouted.

Carter had opened up about his sexuality in an honest social media post revealing he liked both men and women.

“This doesn’t bring me shame, just a weight I have held onto for a long time that I would like lifted off on me,” he shared on Twitter on Aug. 5. “When I was around 13-years-old I started to find boys and girls attractive.”

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He even asked out actress Chloë Grace Moretz after learning she had a crush on him as a young girl.

“Hey @ChloeGMoretz – let’s set up a date,” he wrote on Twitter. “The crush is mutual.”

Still no word on whether or not Moretz, 20, has accepted the date proposal.

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